Finished Fixtures Finished Fixtures Tub & Shower New Brite White 104290503 Vanity Ceramic Counter New Brite White 104290504 Tub Encloser Ceramic Tile New Brite White 104290505 Vanity Ceramic Tile Counter New Brite White 104290941 Claw Foot Tub New Brite White 104290506 Acrylic Claw Foot Tub New Champaign Pink 104290507 Shower Before Chipped and stained 138456111 Shower after New Brite white 138456112 Before Update color needed 195875149 After Brite white over green 170700144 Before Update colors needed 195875150 After Sinks and back splash Brite white 170700145 Before Pink and blue tile and sinks 170700146 After Bisquit tile and Brite white sinks 195875152 Before Blue tub 170700147 After Brite white 195875151 After refinishing Metal Sink & Dish washer Cabinet Restored in Brite white 195875154 195875155 195875156 195875157 195875158 195875159 After refinishing shower in Brire white with new floor based Inlay 195875160 Tub refinished 195875161 Before Mauve tub & Pink tile 197452035 After Tub refinish Tub refinished Brite white 197452636 After Tile refinish Tie done in Warm white 197452637 Before Mauve sinks & Pink tile 197452638 After sinks refiished Sinks done in Brite white 197452639 After tile refinish Tile done in Warm White 197452640 After Warm white & Brite white 197452641 4' Shower refinish This shower was Mauve updated to Brite white 197452642 5' Shower refinish This shower was Blue updated to Brite white 197452643 Before Broken shower floor on right. Reappearence of a break that had been repaired on left. 197452644 After New floor based Inlay custom fitted. 197452645 Before Very pitted with errosion 197452646 After Smoothed out and done in Brite white 197452647 Tub, Sink, Counter, Tile walls & Floor Light Grey, Thunder Grey 201919513 201919514 201919515