Bathtub Refinishing Vancouver, WA

Long Lasting & Durable

Poly-Glass Hi-Gloss Resin is so durable, that with the proper care, it can add up to 20 years additional life to a porous, chipped or impossible-to clean bath tub. In fact, nine out of ten people cannot tell any difference between a new and refinished tub!

Care Cleaning Instructions

Our beautiful, Poly-Glass finish is durable, strong and easy to care for. Just wipe down with a micro cloth sponge.  For best results, spray the surface with only non-abrasive, liquid cleaner. Use a micro cloth sponge to rinse and wipe dry.

Do not use any liquid cleaners that contains abrasives, bleach or strong acids! As they will dull the finish.

If necessary, the finish can be polished with any polymer based polish. You can protect the finish and sustain gloss by applying any polymer base wax as well.

Do not use Bath mats with suction cups as they will damage your new surface, and void your warranty. Any other type of mat that lays on the surface should be removed after use.