Bathtub Refinishing Vancouver, WA

Worn bathtub? Visit a home improvement store and you note that a new bathtub is inexpensive--less than $200. How hard can this be to replace? But add in the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, landfill fees, tilers, and a plumber, and the total cost of the job has ballooned.

You can have an acrylic kit installed, but it is very costly and it only covers up your bathroom problems. Compared to all that, refinishing your tub looks pretty good.

The Truth: Bathtub Refinishing is HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Painting

Refinishing is a hire-the-pro project. DIY is great for many things, but it is virtually impossible to do a decent bathtub refinishing job by yourself. Porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and steel tubs can all be refinished.

The bathtub Stays in Your House-No Removal Needed

One huge selling point of bathtub refinishing is that the bathtub does not need to be--and should not be--removed and taken to a shop. Refinishing is done on-site. Most refinishing technicians are highly aware of the fact that they are in a private residence, so they take many precautions to minimize overspray and other mess.

Quick Overview of Tub Refinishing Process

After drop cloths and ventilation are set up, the tub is prepped with a 2 step cleaner removing soap film, rust stains, and etch's the surface. Repairs are done (nicks and holes filled), prime sealed, and painted with a highly durable, high gloss acrylic poly urethane resin top-coat of any color you choose.

Surprised that it is paint? The bathtub refinishing companies like to call the substance a "coating," rather than paint. Look at it however you want, but rid your mind of the idea that bathtub refinishing is a duplication of the tub's original dip-coat. In some cases, you can send a valuable cast iron tub off-site for a new dip-coat--but this is not what we refer to as bathtub refinishing.

What brings down refinishing costs is the fact that competition for refinishing business is fierce. Searching for refinishing companies, depending on the size of the city you will find:

  • Upto 4  Franchises
  • Countless independent, local companies whose quality may be higher or lower than the national franchises.

Specialty Glaze applies the unique Mega Fast Poly-Glass 4 hr Cure topcoat system to your bathtub, shower, tile, sink or countertop. The revolutionary, one-of-a-kind Poly-Glass Hi-Gloss Resin, is nothing like those cheap do-it-yourself epoxy kits that are sold over the counter.

NAPCO’s proprietary aliphatic acrylic polyurethane provides amazing resilience to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Unlike epoxy topcoats, Poly-Glass will not crack or yellow over time. Poly-Glass resin provides a surface that is harder than acrylic or enamel, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects. This resilience is essential to its durability and long wear. It also provides terrific stain resistance and color retention, as compared to other types of bathtub coatings.

Poly-Glass resin’s high Titanium Dioxide content provides whiteness, brightness and opacity and does not contain any cheap fillers. You will be thrilled with the super shiny 95+% gloss.

Poly-Glass is your topcoat of choice for bathtubs, sinks, tile, vanities, appliances, countertops, and cabinets.

Poly-Glass Hi-Gloss Resin   Do-It-Yourself Kits
3-5 hour application process     2-day application process
Take a shower in 24 hrs Take a shower in 7-8 days
Will not yellow Yellows significantly over time
Will not crack        Becomes brittle cracks & peels over time
Professional application yields smooth glossy finish Amateur application leads to dry, rough look or runs in the finish
Professional application comes with a 5 year warranty No warranty

Using a professional refinisher saves about 80% over replacement, updates the look of an old dated bathroom or kitchen and extends the fixture's life. It's an easy and economical way to "add value to your home, and increase its resale appeal." 

We keep our focus on one thing...using the best quality bathroom and kitchen refinishing products in the industry, so that you can spend more time on the do-it yourself projects that will add to your home's value and beauty.

Specialty Glaze uses only... the Highest Tech & Quality Suppliers in the Industry.

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