Bathtub Refinishing Vancouver, WA




Bathtub & Tile Refinishing
If bathroom fixtures are worn or outdated, why bother the time,  mess, and high cost of full replacement? 
Let an expert technician perform "Bathroom Beauty" in your home in a matter of hours.Our services range 
from simple bathtub, sink, shower stall, and wall tile refinishing of existing bathroom fixtures, to vanities, 
kitchen countertops with options of Poly-Glass, or Stone-Flecks finishes. With the Poly-Glass  restoration 
system there is no hidden secret. Through the efforts of modern science and technology, we will eliminate 
stained, worn and chipped fixtures to"like-new" condition in just hours. Our beautiful, Hi-Gloss finish is 
durable, strong and easy to care for. Just wipe down with a micofiber cloth or sponge. Worn wall tile can 
be restored like-new" without replacing wall board and without tearing down tile walls. The Poly-Glass and 
Stone Flecks coatings seal in grouting so that fading, discoloration or loose grout will be less of a problem in 
the future. A bathtub or tile restoration usually takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. All work is done with no 
harm to surrounding areas and there is no mess to clean up! In most cases, once completed, the bathroom 
fixtures can be used in about One Day (depending on the application) The refinished fixtures will last for many 
years with proper care, maintenance and cleaning. Refinishing your Bathtub is done in 6 steps
  • We set up venatlation fan, drop cloths
  • We chemically clean & etch the surface, then mask the surrounding area 
  • We repair any defects such as chips, or corrosion.
  • Apply silane bonding agent
  • Apply the Color of your choice for a beautifully refinished bathtub
  • Return in 24 hrs to remove masking, Polish your New Surface to a Brillant Lustre and apply caulking 

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